I provide Executive Coaching for anyone interested in improving their personal, business or sporting life (See COACHING FOR SPORT below).

Working together, we’ll design a clear vision of your future, and set goals to help you achieve that vision. You will develop a new level of confidence in yourself, your abilities and the decisions you will be making. You will feel in control at last, and be ready to discover what you are really made of.

In our sessions, there is no set agenda, no pre-determined process or programme. The work we do together is unique to you and your vision of the future. The sessions are one to one, in person, but Skype calls may also be possible. I can also work from corporate offices and sporting events depending on your requirements.

We simply sit together and I ask you challenging questions. Together we will draw out all the questions, and the answers, that you have lying within you. Together we will explore your hopes, dreams and aims. We'll unpick what might be blocking your progress. We'll talk about your values and beliefs, and importantly, your self limiting beliefs. My role does not involve judging you, advising you, making suggestions or giving opinions. The sessions are all about you and what you want to achieve.

There is no set amount of sessions you sign up for - you can just book a single session if that is what you want. As a rough guide, most sessions last about 2 hours, but again you lead the process and set the session length.


Coaching is for you, if any of this sounds familiar:

You want to take positive action to improve your reality

You need clarity on where you are heading, and why

You need to up your game and perform at a higher level

You're aching for something 'more'

You’re feeling disconnected from your current reality

You're feeling unfulfilled and restless

You're feeling lost or overwhelmed

You're struggling to move forward or get started in the pursuit of your new goals

You're ready to discover your real capability

You need someone to help you stay accountable and focused

You're fed-up with your self-limiting beliefs holding you back

You crave change


Coaching will help you to:

Move you into a place of trusting your instincts to help you make the best decisions

Tackle any fears or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back

Help you move past blocks that have been stopping you in your tracks until now

Unlock your natural brilliance

Increase confidence

Get clarity on what you want from life, and how you’re going to get it

Focus your mind



You can win or lose a race in your head.

Or a match, a game or a deal. Or Life.

Performance coaching can help you to create learning, self-development and coping strategies in a beneficial way. Coaching literally means to transport someone from one place to another resulting in significant personal advancement. 

For most people, the main obstacle people face in fulfilling their full potential is themselves. Understanding the impact of how you think, and identifying how you might improve your mental approach is the secret to High Performance Thinking. Get your ‘head in the right place’ and you will find the edge you need to beat your competitors.

I work with people whose performance matters. My aim is to help you to develop a winning attitude. Having competed at World Championship level, I know how critical it is to address the mental issues that influence your performance, which may include:

  • Identifying and planning for specific goals

  • Managing a team effectively for maximum results

  • Coping with nerves, anxiety and stress

  • Competing in the present

  • Setting process goals during competition

  • Removing Performance blocks

  • Motivation, confidence and self belief

  • Concentration and attentional focus

  • Positive psychology


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